I chose to go on a getaway with my girlfriend to get out of my comfort zone. Little did I know not only would it connect me even deeper to nature, it would open the door to meeting new like-minded women. Women who have vision, who are accepting, and goal-orientated. We had the time of our lives. Exploring, creating bonds that will last forever, and getting back to what is really important. Jenny and Lindsay have created the best adventures for women that are affordable, memorable and life altering. Every adventure I go on with these women never disappoints and grounds me more each outing. Mountains, wine and good people! My experiences truly are priceless.”– AMBER

“I love how much I grow from each getaway as I stretch myself to try something new. This is now my 3rd getaway, and each one has been so different from the other. One thing stayed the same, I met a group of women from all over the country that I cannot wait to see again. We all have different journeys and backgrounds, it is so beautiful to see us come together and create memories.”-ANNONYMOUS

“The getaway was a great weekend spent exploring Lake Tahoe. I met active women from all over the country. My favorite activity was the instructor led paddle boarding with breathe taking views! I cannot wait to attend my next getaway.”– KELLY

“The Women Who Explore getaways have helped me to gain more confidence around women. Growing up I was physically and mentally abused by my peers, which caused me to be fearful of women as I got older. Tired of not having female friends, I decided to attend a getaway in an effort to bond with women who had similar interests as I do. Instead of being rejected, they welcomed and accepted me, giving me the courage to be myself unapologetically. I’m still working on overcoming my social anxiety around women, but each Women Who Explore event I attend helps me grow stronger and more confident. Women Who Explore has changed my life in countless ways and I couldn’t be more grateful for the positive impact their getaways have had on me.” – ASHLEY

“I didn’t realize how badly I needed an experience like the one I had a Joshua Tree, until the weekend was over. I left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to tackle the stresses that were waiting for me back at home. I left feeling that I had a whole new circle of friends, who I could reach out to at anytime. Nothing can replace that!”-ALYSSA

“Who’d have thought that spending a night with a bunch of random women, in the middle of nowhere, without a working toilet or cell service, could make you feel so at home? That’s the simplest way to sum up my Women Who Explore getaway weekend. Arriving at Ghost Lake on Saturday morning, late and consequently stressed out, we were greeted with a few nervous, shy faces mirroring our own and two smiling, giddy ones. If the Women Who Explore team didn’t instantly brighten your day, you are doomed to live a dull and bitter future. After conversing just enough to feel a little more comfortable, we headed out on the lake with our SUPs and the girls at Hidden Valley Adventures, a few hours later arriving at Hidden Valley itself with the whole team. I’d gone on a girls camp once before in High School and spent the entire time judging, being judged, wearing my best clothing, refusing to get wet, opening up and then closing off when it was over. This weekend was nothing like that. Sitting on a rickety wooden lookout, the thought of falling through and tumbling into a lake in the back of your mind, myself and 18 other women shared a little about ourselves. What started with the basic, ‘Hi, my name is, I’m however old and work here’ quickly became a good time to cry unexpectedly, giggle at things people normally consider embarrassing and gloat about things in your life you normally wouldn’t out of fear of being shamed or stereotyped. Not here though. I met women from all different stages of life. Married, single, happily divorced, new parents, long time parents, parents of other people’s children. Career women and unemployed women. Women who owned houses, women who owned cars and women who just owned cats. Some women came alone and some in groups. The 19 of us made up a solid chunk of the world’s ideas about women, no two living the same life, but somehow all of us having so much in common. Our brief introductions set the scene for the rest of the weekend and I soon found myself comfortable enough to voice my nervousness of losing my whitewater rafting virginty, to which I was pleasantly comforted by a string of hilarious and terrifying stories that made me excited about the event. It was a busy few days getting wet, staying dirty, laughing, listening and working together with women who’ve experienced and want to experience things you’ve done, but most importantly, want to experience things with you, long after the weekend is complete. Sound cheesy? Yep. Cheesy and amazing.”– DAZZ

“I would have never expected that one weekend would help me gain so much confidence in myself. Being surrounded by so many other strong, inspiring women left me feeling like I was able to achieve anything. I decided to travel alone on this trip, which seemed intimidating for only a short period of time. Quickly I realized that I wasn’t going to be ‘alone’ at all. Not only were the leaders, Lindsay and Mel, so incredibly welcoming, but all the women involved embraced one another with open arms. The outdoor adventures we experienced were amazing (hiking and rock climbing in Yosemite), but more than that, the stories we shared with one another is what really made this weekend so beautiful. Reminding me that no matter what differences you may have with another individual, there is always a way to connect. A big thanks to Women Who Explore for including me in such a wonderful getaway!”– JACLYN

“I had the fortunate opportunity of attending a Women Who Explore getaway and I couldn’t have been happier with the whole experience. Some of the girls already knew each other but many of them, including myself, went into the trip not knowing a single soul. I remember being nervous about everything because I didn’t know what to expect, but soon into the trip I realized I had no reason to be anxious. This was where women of completely different backgrounds could find connections with one another and share their stories with like minded individuals. During that time, I was going through a rough breakup and its easy to feel alone in situations like that. However, many of the girls had also been through the same thing as me and just listening to their stories gave me comfort and hope that I wasn’t alone on this roller coaster of life. The best part of it all is I have made lifelong friends who I would have never met if I did not attend the getaway. A few of us girls who locally live near one another still meet up for dinner and drinks and we have even gone on our own group camping trips. I also keep in touch with many of the other girls who live further away through social media and it’s nice to see them going on their own adventures. Lindsay was an amazing host and she does a great job at making sure everyone’s needs are taken care of. We had a pretty large group of about 20-25 girls and, even with that many people, all of our essentials (food, drinks, lodging, transportation, etc.) were taken care of. To sum it up, with these getaways you adventure, socialize, party, and connect with women who by the end of the trip feel like sisters to you.”– JUSTINE

“I’m a very introverted person. It takes quite a while for me to open up and feel comfortable around people. I often struggle to connect with others because of this, and find myself in awe of those that are able to so easily. When we talked about how women often compete with instead of empower each other, and doing something outside of your comfort zone, I literally got chills. I feel like I was supposed to be there that weekend. I may not have shown as much emotion as others, but once I got in my car to head home, I began reflecting on everything and the tears just started to flow. I need to remind myself that it is okay to allow others to see your vulnerable side. You girls welcomed me, a complete stranger, with open arms as if you had known me for a lifetime. I am so grateful to you for hosting such an incredible weekend.”– MARION

“My university experience was me taking part in every single club, group, and activity possible. It seems once you become an adult and get into the working world, the opportunities to connect with like-minded people who are passionate about the things they do are few and far in between. The Women Who Explore getaways really bridge that gap. What an opportunity to get to know and learn from amazing women in an inclusive and fun environment! We tried our hand at stand up paddle boarding in a frigid lake, laughed about it and got to know each other around a fire, and whitewater rafted (and lived to tell the story!) the next day. 10/10, would 100% come again!”– BRIANNA

Women who explore is such a fantastic organization. It’s great to be able to meet such amazing likeminded people and explore incredible destinations together.–  JENNA

“Part of the weekend that made it magical was the people and the other part was the surroundings. Lindsay and Jenny partnered with two unbelievable companies that fit the bill of what this kind of weekend should be. Amanda, from SoCal SUP, and her sister Kelly, from Hunter Valley Adventures, are just genuine, feel-good people to be around. Combine that with a setting that allows you to disconnect from the craziness of everyday life and you have a powerful combination. Lindsay and Jenny really went above and beyond to make sure all of us had a great time. It truly filled my soul up and I will be back again. Thank you so much for making this happen and providing such a great getaway to connect women with each other and with the outdoors.”– ANGEL

“I signed up for a spiritual retreat in Lincoln city Oregon, i asked myself why do i have to go here i just had a vacation 3 weeks ago, i was so lost that i couldn’t even explain to my friends/family why am i going on vacation again and why am i going to a retreat,I was lost and don’t know what am i doing with my life but right when i get there and meet amazing women who inspires me with their stories and just to connection with yourself and nature is wonderful experience, Shannon and Lindsey was a big part of my spiritual life now. And I am very happy i did this retreat with them , i will definitely do it again :)”– ANNONYMOUS

“Not only is it fun to “get away”, it’s new friendships and memories that make these trips unforgettable. I’m addicted!”-LIANA

“Really love the random, once in a lifetime moments that seem always unfold on the Women Who Explore getaways.”-ALLIE