Our Team

Meet the Amazing Team behind Women Who Explore


Hi. I’m Lindsay. If you had told me 5 years ago that I’d be running an all woman community and hosting getaways all over the world, I would have called you crazy. My sister Jenny and I started Women Who Explore as a way to meet other like-minded women. I was a travel writer at the time and found that life on the road could be lonely. We started the Instagram account to connect to other women, share our experiences in the outdoors and offer a safe space free of judgement. Little did we know just how many women felt the same as we did!

But here I am. Running Women Who Explore full-time. Still traveling the world, but doing it with an amazing new, growing tribe. I’m a mum of 2, afraid of butterflies, and tired most of the time. I’m also strong, badass, here to cheer you on and revel in your accomplishments. I can’t wait for you to join our community and discover just how amazing you really are.


Hi, I’m Jenny, the other co-founder of Women Who Explore! I am currently living out my dream running a company that we created for women, with my sister Lindsay. Growing up in Southern Ontario, we didn’t have access to the mountains, but once I relocated to Alberta my whole world changed. After finding the outdoors to be super intimidating, Lindsay and I decided we needed to create a space for all women who wanted to explore.

Women Who Explore has not only been a life-changer for me, but for hundreds of thousands of women around the world. I’ve met more incredible women in the past two years than I have throughout my life. I am checking off my bucket list, inspiring my daughter and frankly still terrified of camping alone in bear country.


Growing up in small town Minnesota, I always had the desire to explore. My first big adventure was living and studying in Chile where I fell I love with traveling. Next I headed out on a month long solo trip to Europe, followed by over a year of living, working and adventuring in Cost Rica. More recently, I’ve spent time exploring places in Southeast Asia and South America.

Shortly after moving to Portland, I began spending all my free time in the Columbia River Gorge and Mount Hood National Forest hiking, chasing waterfalls and camping. There was something magical about bright-green mossy covered forests, filled with giant trees and thundering waterfalls that took my breath away and made me fall in love with the way it feels to be in the outdoors.

For me, Women Who Explore is the community of women I have always been looking for. I love being around like-minded women who support and empower one another. Through Women Who Explore’s local events and weekend getaways, I have met so many incredible friends and I’ve had some really amazing experiences like summiting my first mountain!

I can’t wait to share an adventure with you!